IT Services in Atlanta Can Help Enhance Cyber Security in a Mobile Sense

IT services firms in Atlanta will almost unilaterally advise cyber security solutions like multi-factor authentication and DaaS. DaaS stands for Desktop as a Service and it works like this: cloud computing is employed to “float” a given network, so that it isn’t centrally located within the premises of a company, but instead projected from a server array designed for that purpose. With DaaS, any device with an internet connection can be used to access your network, but that’s not enough for security purposes. As a matter of fact, this is very insecure if there is not some “gatekeeping” motif in place to prevent unauthorized users from accessing information. That’s where multi-factor authentication comes in. If you’re unfamiliar, multi-factor authentication means more than one way is used to verify a user requesting access. So, if a user went to the portal of the network, they would enter a password and a specific, randomly generated code would be sent to their smartphone. That secondary code would then be required for access.

The Cybercriminal Element

Means like these are absolutely integral in terms of cyber security, as there is an expanding threat out there. All information indicates that as technology continues to be operationally fundamental, and even increases in its necessity to government and business, its cybercriminal alter ego will likewise expand. It is projected that by 2021, cybercrime will be an industry estimated at $6 trillion, or almost one-third of the United States national debt. What does this mean to you as a business? Well, for one thing, it means that IT services in Atlanta are even more important, as all indicators demonstrate that cybercrime is itself an industry. Entire technology firms have funding behind them to develop:

…and much more. Compounding the issue is the competitive necessity of remote workspaces. With BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), it becomes cost-effective to outsource office space and technology to individual employees. When individual employees can source their own equipment, access your network remotely, and complete work on their own time, they’re often going to get more done more quickly and at a diminished expense to your business. You save money in terms of office space, equipment, time, and opportunity cost. When employees don’t milk the clock, they get more done. But the downside involves security. It’s absolutely fundamental that you ensure any mobile work solution is surfeited by requisite security, or you’re practically asking to get hacked.

Sourcing Solutions

Thankfully, there are solutions out there to prevent cybercriminal intrusion, and should such intrusion rock your business, backup solutions as facilitated via continuous cloud backup can overcome bankruptcy. Additionally, IT services firms in Atlanta can help train your business in best cyber security practices. At MIS Solutions, we provide the latest and greatest techniques to help your business maintain security in a continuously developmental way, always cognizant of burgeoning and established trends. Contact us for proper mobile security.

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