IT Services in Atlanta: How A Remote Helpdesk Can Counter Downtime

Downtime has the potential to bring your operations to a halt. If downtime is extensive, it can limit your productivity, anger clients and diminish employee morale. One of the best ways to combat downtime is with a highly responsive remote helpdesk. You should have an IT services provider in Atlanta that provides helpdesk services to keep your operations humming along.

The Power of a Responsive Helpdesk

In the past, tech challenges that caused downtime were handled by an in-house employee or one of those local break-fix tech groups. These services proved expensive and/or inefficient for companies without considerable IT budgets. Thankfully, remote technology and IT providers figured out how to provide expansive help desk services to their clients along with remote monitoring and digital security services.

Take advantage of a responsive help desk, and you will have access to a knowledgeable and experienced group of tech gurus. This team will serve as your initial line of support against potentially ruinous downtime. Remote helpdesk can resolve your IT issues on the first call without any need for escalation or other interactions. However, if the tech problem is particularly complex, there are escalation procedures in place to reach a resolution with little downtime as possible.

Common Problems

Helpdesks assist with myriad tech challenges. There are some common problems that tend to pop up on a fairly regular basis. Examples of common problems that IT services providers in Atlanta handle are user account resets, email issues, problems specific to certain applications, issues related to printers, email problems and network connectivity challenges. The typical small to medium-sized business experiences one or several of these issues with a good amount of regularity. If a helpdesk group is not available to turn to, there will be a downtime that eats away at productivity and puts a black cloud over the entire organization.

Signs of Incapable Helpdesk

There are certain warning signs that indicate a prospective helpdesk provider is not worth its keep. Callbacks are a good example. A weak helpdesk that is understaffed will route calls to a single employee who records the caller’s contact information. A technician calls the employee back later on when he or she is available to troubleshoot the matter. It is a sign that the helpdesk is short on manpower and resources.

If the first response team lacks experience, look elsewhere. Some helpdesks staff their tier one team with new technicians who are incapable of resolving diverse issues. These employees merely collect information and escalate the problem to someone with more advanced technical knowledge. This is a sign the provider is outsourcing its own services and will ultimately prove inefficient.

Another red flag is a slow call answer rate. This is the time that passes between dialing and speaking to a real person. You should be able to interact with a human being in a minute and a half or less.

An IT services provider in Atlanta can help you reduce downtime. At MIS Solutions, our helpdesk can assist your team in a remote fashion to solve problems and boost productivity. Contact us today to learn more about our tech services.

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