IT Support Atlanta Business Advice: Do You Have Proactive Company Meetings or Just Meet for a Crisis?

IT support in Atlanta has many advantages that businesses don’t always consider. Definitely, there are upgrade, maintenance, and consultation solutions with MSPs. But did you know you can streamline the efficacy of your meetings with the right tech? Consider these five tenants of optimization in business meetings:

  • Ensure all meetings have a definite purpose
  • Get a plan and stick to it
  • Have predictable intervals – make certain meetings happen at the same time
  • Ensure there’s someone to keep notes
  • Get the right people involved

These tips all sound good and seem self-evident, but it may not be immediately self-evident how an MSP can help make those tips a reality for your business. New innovations are bringing technology to the front and you may be surprised to see the result.

Let’s take a closer look:


You can certainly have meetings where brainstorming characterizes the whole get-together, but this is going to be tiresome and there will be a lot of wasted time. However, if you define your purpose beforehand, everybody wins. Time is consolidated, productivity is expanded… the list goes on. Have you heard of IoT or the Internet of Things? This can give your business access to continual data. Such data can help you define what is necessary to accomplish. Cloud computing allows processing of these huge amounts of data, and so you can obtain statistical analysis which helps your business determine the direction to go and define a strategy on how to get there. Where is that strategy discussed? In the meeting, of course— and there’s your purpose. IT support in Atlanta can help you implement IoT solutions where they will be most effective and securely manage them such that proper statistics can be obtained.


The more actionable data you are able to source from solutions like IoT, the more directly you can refine the purpose of a meeting, which allows you to plan out such meetings and streamline operations accordingly.

Regularity of Meeting Times

Whether your meetings happen daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, you want to have them happen at the same time. Maybe Friday is meeting day, maybe it’s Monday; maybe the time is 2:00 or a bit later. Whatever your proclivities, consistency is key to productivity. Your employees will have that meeting in mind as they go about their work and have results which can be presented as the meeting takes place. Through IoT, cloud computing, software, hardware, and Internet support, the regularity of your meetings can be more firmly established.

Note Taking

There are programs in place now which can automatically tabulate the minutes so you don’t have to. An IT agency can help you find that which is best for your company. That said, it’s still best to have someone physically jotting things down. But they can more expediently store that data and categorize it through tech solutions.

Get the Right People

IoT, cloud computing, and other tech solutions can help you statistically identify the right people for the meeting and help you keep from inviting unnecessary personnel.

Consulting and Implementation

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you streamline your business and necessary meetings technologically and cost-effectively. Contact us for top-tier tech solutions that will optimize your operations.

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