Nexar Dashcam App Lets You Spot and Record Dangerous Drivers

Have you ever been driving along, minding your own business when out of nowhere a reckless driver goes zooming past you? How many times have you wished you could catch the license plate? Good news! You can. Nexar is a free dashcam app for iPhones and Android phones that, when mounted to your windshield or dashboard, will monitor surrounding traffic. So if that bozo ahead of you begins driving dangerously, it will ask if you want to record what’s going on with a 30-second video. And in the event of a collision, you’ll have evidence of the events as they occurred to help you with your insurance claim. The app also detects dangers on the road and provides a warning

Nexar suggests using its mount, which can be purchased on Amazon for about $7. Be sure to visit the company’s blog page at to see the top collision videos recorded each month.

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