Don’t Get Lured Into Jagged Rocks by Low Priced IT Services Sirens in Atlanta!

When you are looking for IT services in Atlanta, it can be easy to get swayed by the lowest prices. A lower quote can come swimming out of the sea of emails and sing to you. However, like sirens, their songs spell disaster. There is far too much at risk for your business to pick an MSP based on the lowest bid. Providing quality IT services costs a great deal of money. When they offer you low-ball numbers, they are cutting corners somewhere.

What is at Stake

Probably the biggest reason that you should be wary of low priced IT services is that there are a lot of risks. Most companies rely heavily on computers to run their business. Your network keeps your ship afloat and trusting that to the lowest bidder ends badly. All it takes is a little mistake and your business is handicapped for days. Some malware that your network might be vulnerable to can steal your clients’ data — this could permanently hurt your company’s reputation.

Cutting Corners

If you are not paying much for it, then your provider is not putting much into it. IT services in Atlanta cost money to run. The MSP needs to make a profit on top of that, which is why you may be surprised at some of the quotes you get. While there are some legitimate ways to save money as an MSP, without sacrificing service, there are limits to this. A quote that is substantially lower than all others is from a company that won’t give you the products and services you need. Here are some ways cheap MSPs cut costs and how they hurt your business:

Single Cloud-Based Email

The cloud is a great technological idea. You can have access to everything all the time, right? Well, there are some issues. In the event of an internet outage, you and your staff have zero access to any of your email. Sending, receiving or looking through archives all take a network connection. Worse yet are cloud failures. With a single home for all of your email data, you are at great risk of data loss. It is expensive to properly back up these systems, and cheap MSPs aren’t going to spend that kind of money.

Lower Quality Software

Many IT services providers that are charging very little use low-quality software. Licensing is expensive, and it is an easy corner to cut. Unfortunately, your company is now left using WordPerfect, and looking very unprofessional. This is also true for their security system software. Money spent on firewall technology and antivirus software protects your company. Cheap MSPs skimp on these important pieces of software.

With the common reliance on computer systems, IT services in Atlanta are more critical than ever. While your first reaction to the song of low prices of MSP businesses, caution is due. They will just lead you to the rocks. You are risking system failures, downtime and your reputation. At MIS Solutions, we provide quality services that keep your business up and running. For more information, contact us today.

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