How to Select a Managed IT Services Provider in Atlanta

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The selection of a managed IT services provider in Atlanta is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Some IT service providers will promise comprehensive support and deliver a handful of services. Others will guarantee a round-the-clock service, only to put your needs on the back burner. The key is to find a reliable provider with service dexterity and a willingness to assist when emergency strikes. Pinpointing such a provider is much easier said than done.

No Two IT Service Providers are the Same

Too many business owners and managers make the critical mistake of assuming each IT service provider is the same. IT companies might promise similar services, but in reality, the end result is almost always strikingly different.

Each provider has unique personnel, capabilities, services, prices, and quality. The key is to get a firm gauge on each prospect’s merit by way of referrals, web reviews, and word-of-mouth evaluations. Talk with locals who have done business with prospective IT service providers and find out how those relationships worked out. Those who perform their due diligence will stand a much better chance of allying with an IT company worth its keep.

See Through the Hype

Some IT providers have no shame in claiming to offer every possible type of tech assistance under the sun, only to fall woefully short. Verify that prospects are certified across several vendors and all the latest technologies. True IT gurus know the ins and outs of the cloud, network security, colocation, web hosting etc.

Furthermore, the managed IT services provider in Atlanta that you settle on should have personnel depth. The right prospect will have enough staff to handle all sorts of nuanced IT challenges, even in those instances when the most experienced staff members are on vacation or sick.

Service Specifically Catered to Your Organization

Each discussion you have with your IT provider should be centered on your business. The best IT providers focus on client needs and demands. Nothing should get in the way of providing custom tailored IT service that boosts the client’s efficiency and ultimately, the profit margin. If you feel as though an IT provider doesn’t listen when you speak about the details of your organization, move on to a new candidate.

Don’t accept a one-size-fits-all IT service solution. Furthermore, you shouldn’t be content with constant tech upgrades. Don’t pay for these additions unless you are 100% positive that they’re a proper fit for your business operations and goals.

A Willingness to put Promises in Writing

Most IT providers will talk a big game, yet many will fail to follow through. This is precisely why it’s prudent to obtain all service promises in writing. Each IT service should be clearly defined. The cost of these services should also be put in writing before a business relationship is established. Everything from service parameters to help desk assistance availability, promised response times, and the duration of service must be provided in writing.

The Managed IT Services You Have Been Looking For

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