Advice from an Atlanta IT Support Business: Don’t Neglect Good Communication!

We’re MIS Solutions — we provide IT support in Atlanta and pride ourselves on high standards of performance and communication in our endeavors with other businesses. The most important lesson we’ve learned by doing this is one that we’re going to share in this article, and we hope it’s something that you can learn from as well.

Painting a Picture

To help make our point, we’re going to start by painting a picture of a guy that we’ve all encountered at one point or another in our lives. Picture a man — or maybe a woman, the gender is irrelevant — who you’ve had to work with in the past. This person always felt the need to be in charge of the conversation, always needed to be heard and always had to have the last word. This person attempted to dominate the group, and it might’ve even worked.

But this person isn’t who you want to be. That kind of behavior serves to weaken a group at its core, and can even lead to the group not performing nearly as well as it could have. Why? This person failed to properly communicate with the group, despite attempting to drive it. Now, you might be thinking: what are you talking about? All they did was talk, isn’t that communication?

Well, yes and no. First, let’s talk about why good communication is so important in a business.

The Importance of Communication

Chances are, you’ve had a broken relationship because of communication failure. Sorry to flash you back to high school, but we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, interpersonal relationships aren’t the only place where poor communication kills: it also harms businesses. That’s one thing we’ve learned from providing IT support in Atlanta. Without keeping lanes of communication open with our clients, severe issues can rise due to being allowed to slip under the radar, thanks to poor communication. Without proper communication, minor problems combine and multiply into major issues very quickly, especially where technology is concerned.

Meanwhile, good communication avoids these problems. By making sure that everyone is able to say what needs to be said, minor issues can be dealt with before they become real problems. And not only that, but putting multiple minds together to solve an issue typically works very well, since everyone has a unique perspective and, oftentimes, just hearing what someone else has to say can make the right solution click in your mind. Good communication within a team is vital.

An Oft-Forgotten Rule of Good Communication

The oft-forgotten rule of good communication is to be quiet and let the other person talk. Their opinion carries just as much weight as your own, and their perspective on a situation can only add to yours. When you’re working with business partners, you need to have this kind of communication to avoid issues, find the best solutions to solve problems and drive revenue. That’s the most important thing we’ve learned, and it’s a surprisingly simple lesson that many forget.

At MIS Solutions, we offer IT support in Atlanta… and we also know how to listen. If you’re based in our area and looking for a provider that communicates, contact us today and let’s discuss the best solutions for your business.

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