Advice From an IT Support Business in Alpharetta: Make Sure to Lay a Path for Successful Employee Reviews!

Every employer must review employee performance at one point or another. Some perform these reviews every six months, while other IT support companies in Alpharetta perform employee reviews once a year. Some even go several years before assessing employee performance in formal terms. The key is to keep employees in the loop and never catch them off guard with a surprise performance review. If employees know they’re being monitored, tracked, and evaluated, they’ll be much more inclined to try their hardest at work.

Remove the Element of Surprise When It Comes to Employee Reviews

Though you might be tempted to catch your staff off guard with surprise reviews, it will almost certainly rub them the wrong way. Employees deserve the chance to prepare for reviews. They should know exactly when these reviews will occur and how they’ll be conducted. Furthermore, they should understand how they’ll be evaluated. Whether you’re analyzing employee productivity, timeliness, attitude, leadership or other qualities/achievements, the criteria should be fully understood by every employee who’s subject to review.

Keeping employees in the loop will give them the chance to improve their performance, tend to the subtleties that will be evaluated and spruce up shortcomings. It just might motivate them to excel at a level they’ve never reached before. Also, consider how an employee would react if he was surprised with a review out of the blue. He’d likely take offense to the fact that he wasn’t informed such a review would occur. He might even start to look for employment elsewhere or possibly even turn in his two-week notice.

Maintain the Lines of Communication

If you’re particularly concerned about employee performance with regards to a certain metric or other area, let it be known. Allow employees to meet with supervisors to discuss the nuances of the review in-depth. Employees deserve to know exactly what they should work on in order to obtain a raise. If they’re not provided with the opportunity to improve their performance before they’re slapped with a negative review, they’ll feel awfully discouraged. So, don’t caste judgment without giving those under scrutiny the chance to improve their job performance.

Build Incentive

Once employees know exactly what you’re looking for and how they’ll be evaluated, they’ll have something to strive for. Give your team ample time to implement improvements before you evaluate their performance. Also, don’t be afraid to dangle positive reinforcement for your employees. Anything from a raise in compensation to extra benefits, more flexible working arrangements and other forms of positive reinforcement will motivate your team to reach their potential. Even the possibility of a sparkling evaluation might serve as inspiration enough to transform average or below-average employees into workplace superstars.

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