Some Managed IT Services Companies in Atlanta Avoid IT Managers!

Many businesses are in the position where they work with an in-house IT team, as well as a managed IT services provider in Atlanta. Most of the time, these are larger companies that outsource some of their technology, such as cloud storage or infrastructure, while maintaining an in-house team to take care of the customer service side of IT or to help train other team members on their technology. Unfortunately, in some cases, a managed IT company will avoid communicating with the in-house IT managers and instead insist on always speaking with the owners of the business. We believe this to be a mistake, and always make a point to develop a relationship with in-house IT team members. If your MSP is avoiding your in-house tech manager, here might be a few reasons why:

They Only Want to Talk to the ‘Decision Makers’

Many managed IT services companies in Atlanta make the mistake of thinking that only the owners of the companies are decision makers. They think that all business decisions are ultimately made by the owners and don’t take into account that in-house IT managers often have a heavy influence on what decision is made. Most of the time, business owners who hire MSPs don’t want to focus on technology, and will often rely on their in-house IT managers to help them make any decisions that relate to tech. By working closely with the company’s IT department, we find that better decisions are made and are much more seamless for everyone involved.

They Are Worried About the Competition

If your MSP is avoiding talking to your IT managers, they could be worried about losing your business. They may feel threatened that your in-house team will start to take over the services they currently provide, and mistakenly think that keeping them out of the loop will prevent this from happening. Another scenario is that your MSP is making poor decisions for your company and are worried that your IT manager will figure this out. In either case, it should be a red flag if anyone on your outsourced team seems to be avoiding your IT manager.

They Don’t Understand Your Company Structure

Sometimes, miscommunication can simply be that: miscommunication. Your managed service team may not even be aware that you have an in-house IT manager, or they don’t understand which roles they play within your company. They may make the mistake of coming straight to you, the business owner, because this is what they’ve always done and no one has told them to do otherwise. It’s a good idea to set up a meeting with your MSP team and your in-house IT manager as soon as possible, if you feel they’re not communicating or not doing so effectively. That way, all issues can be aired in a public manner and decisions can be made about how to move forward.

Your managed IT services provider in Atlanta should always be more than willing to communicate with your in-house IT manager when it comes to decisions being made about your company’s technology or any issues they may be having. If they’re avoiding this type of communication, it could be a warning sign. At MIS Solutions, we’ll take care of your business. If you’d like to know more about our company or have any technology-related questions, contact us today.

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