Meet our January Pet of the Month

Meet our January Pet of the Month

Spooky is no ordinary cat. Nope. He is one cool tuxedo cat with white socks and a highly unusual taste for human food. “Spooky loves ham sandwiches,” said his owner Joey Murphy, administrator for the City of Dacula. “He will forgo tuna or salmon if a ham sandwich is available. He also likes Mountain Dew but will not touch Coke.” Sorry Coca-Cola.

Joey rescued Spooky over a year ago from a life of homelessness when he found the kitten hanging around City Hall. He loves cuddling with the humans at the Murphy household, playing with his favorite stuffed Batman dog toy, making sure laptops are walked upon when someone is trying to use them and wrestling with toy dinosaurs.

But his most favorite activity of all time is tearing up the window blinds. “He likes to break off one small end section of blinds at every window in the house so he can sit and look outside,” said Joey. “We have quit replacing them.”

For being named our January Pet of the Month, Spooky has won a goody basket from Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique with more than $40 in treats and toys hand selected just for him.

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