Why Your IT Service Provider in Alpharetta Should Offer Mobile Device Management

In a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment, it’s important for IT services in Alpharetta to offer Mobile Device Management (MDM) security software. It’s useful IT software for monitoring and managing mobile devices brought to work by employees. Here are further reasons why your IT provider should offer this feature that can help make the workplace more secure.

Risks of a BYOD Workplace

When a company allows workers to bring their own mobile device, cost advantages are offset by compatibility issues, since not all mobile devices use the same operating system. It also opens the door for security flaws, leaving security up to various individuals. Furthermore, it presents a challenge to workers to separate work and personal data. Matters get even more uncertain for a company if a user loses their mobile device in which confidential information can be accessed. MDM is usually a third-party application that provides solutions to these issues by allowing the administrator to control and even wipe lost devices.

One way to keep a BYOD environment consistent is for the company to invest in a certain brand and model then issue devices to employees. Another approach is to use policy-based security that restricts the types of apps that can be used for work. Devices can register with an enrollment program established by the administrator, using a PIN number. The software can automatically detect devices on a network and configure subscribers.

How MDM Helps Productivity

Your IT services in Alpharetta can monitor employee productivity using MDM. They’ll be able to monitor all the devices that are enrolled in your platform. They can see how much activity is happening on any given mobile device and whether employees are following company policies or not. Using monitoring capabilities allows a business to stay on top of workflow and identify which employees are not meeting expectations. MDM can also be used remotely by an administrator to distribute applications over various mobile devices. It’s a useful way to communicate with a staff.

The administrator can set customizable policies on how the mobile device can be used for personal versus company use. Ultimately, the administrator can disable native apps on devices and can even lock or wipe them from a remote location.

Security and Containerization

MDM is designed to containerize email and documents with special encryption. The platform makes it possible for a company to easily integrate an existing email program into the system. An MDM system is designed with its own secure browser within the container. The administrator can make the system more secure using enforced URL filtering. Those who control MDM system will be able to distribute, manage and upgrade software on devices enrolled in the program.


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