Chief Information Officers Seek IT Services in Atlanta Providing Cloud Solutions

CIOs And The Cloud

IT services providers in Atlanta should remain at the top of their game to be competitive. Cloud computing solutions offer some of the greatest advantages in the tech market. This is one reason Chief Information Officers for varying companies across the country are pushing for cloud upgrades. Approximately 67 percent of companies that have made the cloud services switch have done so at the behest of the CIO.

This indicates a trend driven by understanding and one which is worthy of consideration. The CIOs’ job is understanding cutting edge technology opportunities as they come. CIOs know to remain competitive, cloud upgrade must come eventually.


Cloud computing saves time and money, pure and simple. While many organizations have server arrays on-site used to support a local intranet infrastructure, the cost of those servers usually negates the value brought by a localized intranet.

Servers must be maintained via upgrade and repair, which requires either dedicated staff or continual vendor support; either of which has the propensity for exceptional expense. While there is definitely an aspect of security involved, that security isn’t airtight. When more people are required to maintain a system, that means there’s greater opportunity for leaks. Disgruntled employees are actually a greater risk to a given company than an exterior hack attack (at least according to USA Today), which an intranet system is supposed to prevent against.

Meanwhile, cloud computing solutions can offer managed service options like SaaS and HaaS (Software as a Service/Hardware as a Service) that effectively surrogate on-site server functionality for a fraction of the cost. Instead of maintaining a system of expensive servers on-site with the staff, upgrades, maintenance and security risk involved, all those expenses can be outsourced to a cloud provider for a set monthly fee. Security is the same — or, as many CIOs are doubtlessly aware, more trustworthy.

Finding The Right Cloud Provider

IT services in Atlanta providing cloud support should also have a number of tertiary services available to clients. Look for a bevy of IT solutions which include (but aren’t limited to):

• Managed Services
• Cloud Computing Solutions
• Expedient Help Desk Support
• IT Consultation
• Varying IT Projects
• Design of Networks
• Assessment of Networks
• VoIP solutions
• Backup and Recovery
• Managed Security

Managed services provide a lot of the utility which comes from on-site arrays while diminishing involved expenses. Help desk support is quicker when systems requiring assistance are maintained by the same company providing the help desk. IT consultation is likewise more effective when a company providing the support is able to confidently advise you on all exigencies of service provision. Likewise, IT projects can be more cogently completed, designed, and elastically configured to fit client needs. Networks that exist on-site, and may be hybridized for security purposes, also will find more trustworthy operation through such a service. And if you can tack on a VoIP application, you’ll stand to save as well. Backup and data recovery is an expected outcome of such services, as are managed security provisions.

Dependable Service

We at offer IT services in Atlanta that feature extensive cloud computing applications, and through consultation and directed transition techniques, we can ensure your upgrade goes smoothly. We’ll save you time and money, and do so in a secure manner that safeguards your operations at the same time.

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