Can You Really Trust Your IT Services Firm in Alpharetta?

The Importance of Transparency

IT services in Alpharetta which don’t feature transparency as a strongpoint of service provision are likely going to cost your business much more in the long run. Certainly, you’ll have many vendors work for your business over time, but those which are transparent will have a relationship to your operations much nearer like that of employee/employer. A “vendor” attitude is one that restricts operational knowledge from clients in order to simultaneously avoid work-requests individualized to a company, which subsequently require slightly more effort, and to increase the charges they can append to a given bill. If a vendor isn’t transparent, they can throw a solution together in five minutes and bill a client for an hour or two hours, depending on the services involved.

Don’t Be Held Hostage

Remember the old saying, “knowledge is power?” Well, this very same principle is often used by IT services in Alpharetta to hold businesses hostage. An IT services group knows a certain provision of a certain service is worth a certain amount of money. They also know that the details behind that particular service are cloudy for clients whose specialization isn’t IT. So, they use that obfuscation to get more money out of you— they hold you hostage for a ransom, and the means by which this scenario is made possible is a lack of transparency.

It’s exactly the same thing you’re going to see from a crooked auto mechanic. The difference is degree. At worst, an auto mechanic is going to get a few thousands out of you. A rogue IT group could bankrupt your company. Additionally, if you realize an IT person is pulling the wool over your eyes and move to liquidate, that individual may very well compromise the security of your entire system in a fury. Someone willing to lie to you for more money is certainly willing to stab you in the back if you find out. Lack of straightforward transparency in the world of IT can really damage your business.

Determining IT Transparency

Ask some directed questions. Inquire of an IT company what their modus operandi is when a client is lost; how they’ve dealt with such situations in the past. Ask about the largest challenges an IT organization faces on a regular basis. Ask an IT group what other IT operations they’d recommend to a friend should such a situation arise where they couldn’t offer service provisions, then look up the dirt on those other companies. If they recommend trustworthy services, there’s a greater likelihood that they’ll provide trustworthy services. Ask if they’re willing to allow you and appropriate staff to tour their facilities. All these things should be easy for an IT group operating under transparency to answer.

Additionally, there are certain provisions that regularly require transparency for greatest effect. These include:

• Managed Services
• Cloud Computing Solutions
• Network Design
• Expedient Help Desk Support
• Managed Security
• Backup and Recovery
• IT Consultation
• Assessment of Networks
• IT Projects
• VoIP Solutions

Trustworthy Tech Provision

IT services in Alpharetta featuring transparency in business will save your business time and money, and furthermore represent a secure infrastructural investment. We at MIS Solutions, Inc. operate with complete transparency, and it is our prerogative to see your business find continual success. To learn more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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