Does Your IT Services Provider in Atlanta Have a Hole in Their Offering?

What happens when your IT services provider in Atlanta flakes out and decides not to manage your copiers and printers? It certainly creates a void, but that doesn’t mean you need to scramble and hire a separate vendor. It makes more sense to just find an all-in-one technology consultant than a one-size-fits-all partner. Here are reasons why you should select an IT firm that meets all your needs by offering customized solutions.

Stability vs. Constant Change

Even though technology keeps on changing and many businesses no longer have a use for bulky copiers and printers, some companies still need these machines. Cloud-based enterprises may not use this equipment at all, but numerous businesses, especially brick and mortar establishments, still use copiers and printers for various purposes. While it’s advantageous for every business to be aware of new technology so that they can plan business growth, it’s not always economically feasible to play “follow the leader” with every tech trend.

Just like hit songs and movies, tech trends come and go and it’s not always easy to predict which ones are here to stay. It’s fairly clear that the cloud is becoming a permanent haven for cost-cutting infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean every business should jump to cloud computing. No matter where your business falls on the timeline of tech evolution, you need to decide what works best for your unique company. If you are constantly investing in new technology, it can drain your budget and ultimately run down your business. The most business-savvy IT services providers in Atlanta understand this concept, which is why they employ technicians that are experienced with a wide range of technology, both new and old.

Reasons Why Copiers and Printers Still Exist

• Some companies still prefer hard copies of files, such as résumés
• Law firms process physical documents such as depositions
• Hospitals provide copies of medical records to patients
• Sporting and entertainment event firms print tickets
• Airlines must print boarding passes
• Insurance firms print policies for drivers to keep in their vehicles
• Many companies and individuals still file taxes by mail
• Photos can be scanned and printed for promotional portfolios
• Hard copy marketing materials still help promote businesses
• Professional services, construction and manufacturing contracts

Copier/Printer Integration with Networks

Even the most advanced computer networks, whether wired or wireless, can still be integrated with copiers and printers. An IT firm that pretends copiers and printers are archaic may be ahead of the technology curve but probably lacks business acumen. Some organizations simply need this equipment to make a profit. That’s why it’s best to stick with an IT firm that sees beyond technology and understands diverse business models. Quality IT firms also care about building long lasting relationships with clients and can help steer companies toward new technology that improves business efficiency. It’s more important to understand a client’s immediate business technology needs.


Every business must assess its needs and stay close to the technology that allows them the most flexibility and productivity. If your IT services in Atlanta don’t completely match your needs, contact MIS Solutions, Inc. to discuss custom solutions. We’re able to manage copiers and printers, as well as cloud-based solutions and local services. We provide IT consulting that matches your needs, whether it’s to maintain traditional equipment or seek innovative solutions.

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