Don’t Be Drawn to the Dark Side of Managed IT Services Agreements in Atlanta!

Don’t Be Drawn to the Dark Side of Managed IT Services Agreements in Atlanta!

You Want IT Services on the Light Side of the Force

Managed IT services in Atlanta will either be of the Jedi or of the Sith. They're either going to be Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, and it may not always be so easy to tell between the two!

Sometimes, what appears to be good is bad, and what appears to be bad is good. This is the story George Lucas was trying to tell with the prequel trilogy, though many would agree that it didn't quite turn out how he had intended--- at least as far as impact's concerned.

What he did communicate was how good can be tricked into evil through a deal that is "too good to be true.” That's basically what happened to Darth Vader, and it goes even deeper. See, George meant Darth Vader to communicate the idea of "dark father.” “Vader” is a Dutch word which means father, and "Darth" is "dark,” according to Lucas.

Vader epitomizes the Sith. A father should be good, caring, strong, and educational. He won't always give you what you want, because he knows that will spoil you. Instead, he'll give you what you need. But a dark father will neglect you all your life until he can use you, at which point he'll try and bring you to the dark side.

Well, IT that is of the "Sith" variety is going to be like that. It's going to promise you the moon at a price that's out of this world, and for a while it will seem to deliver--- until your first real trial arises, then its benefits will seemingly desert you. The services provided will be so sub-par that they hardly bear remark, or they'll be so expensive that it makes the discount you previously experienced on a monthly basis essentially nothing. Even worse, a "dark" IT group of the Vader variety is going to have a contract designed to keep you trapped with their services via exit clause. If you want to leave, you must pay the fee. Just like in the story, for Darth Vader to leave the dark side at the end of his life, he had to sacrifice himself for his son. When you've been sucked into a Sith contract, you've got to pay a hefty fee to get out of it, and it may be too much for your business to remain operating once you've "found the light,” as it were.

Finding Jedi IT

When you're on the hunt for Managed IT services in Atlanta, you'll want the Jedi, not the Sith. Some aspects of IT that evince the "light" side of the IT force include:

• A money-back guarantee for services if they aren't satisfactory
• Actual passion in workmanship pertaining to clients and their systems
• Honesty
• Integrity

And a bevy of available services, including:

• IT Projects
• VoIP Phone Systems
• Managed Services
• Cloud Computing
• Help Desk Support
• Network Design
• Backup and Recovery
• Managed Security
• IT Consulting
• Network Assessment

At MIS Solutions, Inc., we provide managed IT services in Atlanta that come with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee. We give you the straight information and work passionately to ensure our bevy of services are properly carried out and provide your operations the support they deserve. We want to be Jedi, we don't want to be the Vader-like Sith. Feel free to put us to the test--- contact us and witness the force on the “light” side.