If Your Atlanta IT Support Help Desk Is Not US Based, You Might Not Understand Them!

Do you know if your Atlanta IT support provider is local? This is a big question and something you may not have considered when signing your service contract. The fact is, not all non-local service providers are bad, but a few less-than-desirable issues may arise, causing you to re-evaluate the IT support services you have signed up for.

The Problem with Non-Local IT Service Providers

If you have ever called a number and been greeted by a person from another country, you know the frustration this can cause. In most cases, you can’t understand them; they don’t understand you, and the reason you called to begin with gets forgotten. While this may not present a huge issue if you are calling a retailer or another business, it can cause problems if you need IT services.

For example, if your company suffers a data breach and you need to know what to do, who would you rather talk with? Someone located nearby who you understand, or someone in another continent who barely speaks English? The fact is, if you have an IT service provider that uses outsourced help desk support, you aren’t receiving very good customer service.

Why Stay Local?

Even if you just signed a new contract, you have to carefully consider whether or not it’s worthwhile. If you aren’t receiving the support you need, you are essentially wasting your money.

Not only can you understand a local provider when on the phone with them, choosing local Atlanta IT support offers a myriad of other benefits, as well. Some of these include:

• Ability to see the facility where your IT support team works
• Ability to receive hands-on service when needed
• Peace of mind help is just around the corner if needed
• No need to worry about not understanding the help desk support you call
• Ability to support your local economy by keeping your business local

Why Non-Local Services May Wind Up Costing Your Business

Even though it’s not a big deal now, you need to consider your business two or three years down the road. Your business is going to grow, and this growth demands new and updated IT services. If you use an IT service provider that is located overseas, they may not know about the technology and growth occurring in your local area. This may lead to outdated software and other solutions. In the long run, this may cost your business in terms of productivity and, eventually, profits.

Staying Local is Best for Your Business

The bottom line is that keeping your IT service provider local is the best option for your business. This offers many benefits, and you can have peace of mind that you’re going to understand your Atlanta IT support provider each time you speak with them. If you’re on the hunt for a local IT service provider in the Atlanta area, then look no further than MIS Solutions, Inc. We take pride in serving other businesses in the area and providing quality, local support that helps your business grow.

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