Operationally Mature Cloud-Providers typically charge on a “per-user” basis, ranging from $70 to $350 per user per month. The main variables affecting per-user price include the types of applications, data storage/size requirements, data retention periods, security measures, complexity of your environment, services that are bundled with cloud computing power, number of servers, availability of multiple data centers, disaster recovery options, and compliance levels. This fixed-fee approach makes pricing transparent and monthly bills predictable.

Other cloud providers price on a “per-user-plus-cost” model that includes the above variables plus other costs. The “plus costs” may include items such as bandwidth usage, power consumption, cooling requirements, failover capabilities and number of multiple Internet Service Providers available. These built-in, provider-based revenue “safety valves” make it difficult for companies to calculate usage and, therefore, their monthly costs. “Plus costs” can vary greatly from month to month, bringing unpredictability to your monthly cloud-computing bill.  If you have more questions or would like a customized quote, call Jennifer at 678-730-2703 or email Jennifer@mis-solutions.com.