About Us

Our Technology Experts are Here to Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

MIS Solutions was created in 1995 with the passion to help small businesses with their technology needs.  We have worked to help companies improve their efficiency and reduce their IT costs.

Tired of costly installation and hardware costs associated with your computer network?  We work with your company to provide a fixed cost alternative where you don’t have to worry about IT again!

MIS Solutions will bring the focus off of technology and put it back on you!

  • Microsoft Small Business Certification – We are partners with Microsoft and can help you from applications to licenses to upgrading OS installs like Windows XP (discontinued April 2014)
  • Microsoft Registered Partner – We do special training with Microsoft to ensure we can help your business with the needs you have!
  • Skilled experts in technology – Our engineers are trained to think of themselves as an extension of your business and to look for efficiency as if they owned your business.
  • 24/7/365 – Anytime day or night, we are here for you!

MIS Solutions is focused on helping your business deploy tools and technology that give you a competitive advantage.  We do not suggest technology that costs money without benefit.

Find out how teaming up with MIS Solutions can give your company the competitive advantage you have been looking for!