Managed IT Services in Atlanta Could Save You from Ransomware

Three Known Ransomware Threats to Be Wary Of
Managed IT services in Atlanta are increasingly important for nothing more than basic security. You've likely heard it said that cybercrime is at an all-time high, but do you realize what the full implications of that are? It turns out cybercrime is a 500 billion dollar industry--- that's half a trillion, and it's growing.

How a Reliable IT Services in Atlanta Can Help Prevent Homograph Phishing Attacks

Hackers are continually developing new online security threats, and as an IT services company in Atlanta, we provide the latest solutions that will keep you and your business fully protected. Recently, there has been a rise in homograph phishing attacks, and it is critical to be fully aware of the scheme before it is too late.

IT Support in Atlanta Recommends Transitioning to a Remote Helpdesk

One of the most common recommendations made by experts of IT support in Atlanta is outsourcing your helpdesk.

When you had just a few employees, keeping your IT needs internal made some sense. Someone who could manage the limited number of users and computers without too much overtime.

Get Mobile Backup Solutions from a Trusted IT Support in Atlanta

Mobile devices are crucial assets in the modern commercial set-up. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have backup solutions for your business from an IT support in Atlanta. In general, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used in companies to communicate with customers, investors and business partners.

Get All the Benefits of the Cloud with a Reliable IT Services Provider in Atlanta

If you have heard that the cloud is insecure, don't believe the hype! This is a common misconception that is quickly being shot down as more and more people experience the numerous benefits of the cloud. Those who are familiar with the nuances of IT are adamant that the cloud is as secure as it gets.

Takeaways from World Password Day from Your Managed IT Services Partner in Atlanta

World Password Day is the first Thursday of every May, and your managed IT services partner in Atlanta has gathered some tips from the event that will help you keep your network and personal information secure. Though passwords are the first layer of defense against hackers and other cyber criminals, a vast majority of internet users and businesspeople fail to understand the importance of creating strong passwords and utilizing the proper password etiquette.

Ransomware, Sandboxing, and How IT Support in Atlanta Can Help

Ransomware is gaining worldwide attention recently, especially after the WannaCry attack that infected more than 200,000 computers in over 150 countries. As a business owner, you should be aware of the dangers of ransomware, as well as the protective measures you can use for all your systems.

Work With Managed IT Services In Atlanta To Facilitate HIPAA Compliance

Shared Liability
Managed IT services providers in Atlanta are held legally responsible if clients they serve are subject to a data breach which violates HIPAA regulations. Clever cybercriminals always find ways around existing security protocols to siphon off funds and information.

Why VoIP Should Be Part of IT Services in Atlanta

Ask yourself how well your landline has been working for you. Does it ever drop phone calls or generate too much downtime? If so, find out from your IT services partner in Atlanta if they're able to help you shift to a VoIP system to replace your PBX system.

IT Support in Atlanta Can Help Scale Your Business

IT support in Atlanta is something that you should consider to be a part of your business’ growth. You’ve put a lot of effort to make your company successful. Finally, the fruits of your efforts are beginning to show. Maybe you just got a contract as the preferred candidate to provide your services and, now, you need to expand your output within a short time.