IT Support in Atlanta: 5 Common BDR Mistakes

If you pay close attention to the tech headlines, you are likely aware of the prevalence of disastrous IT outages and cyber hacks. Outages should not occur when fail-safe mechanisms are in place, yet some fail-safe mechanisms are often connected with a faulty power supply. A shutdown that impacts the entire system has the potential to take a chunk of profitability. It is not enough to have any old backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system in place. This system must be absolutely flawless, or your data will be put in harm’s way. Below, IT services experts in Atlanta explain the five most common issues with BDR that companies should address in a proactive manner:

1. Failing to Test and Verify Backups

BDR systems should be tested and verified with regularity. This testing and verification are essential to the quest to preserve sensitive data. If you are even slightly suspicious that your information and applications will not be recovered when unplanned downtime or a crisis occurs, it is time for significant changes. BDR requires humans and technology to verify systems responsible for powering the BDR strategy actually prove effective.

2. Failing to Isolate Backups from the Main Infrastructure

Your company’s backups must be separated from the main infrastructure and the primary power supply. This statement rings especially true for small to medium-sized businesses that rely upon a single office for business. A company that keeps a backup appliance at this single location should establish redundancy through the cloud to guarantee information can be accessed if the power goes out or a disaster occurs that knocks the site offline.

3. Assuming the Same Approach Will Suffice for Businesses of all Varieties

BDR services should be customized for each unique client. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for data protection and retrieval. However, an IT support provider in Atlanta can provide the specific needs of your business, ranging from recovery time to data set sizes, objectives, regulatory requirements and beyond.

4. Assuming Data Loss is not a Significant Threat

Some business owners and managers do not take the prospect of data loss seriously. This attitude is becoming less common as more data loss incidents occur. However, some people refuse to proactively address BDR. Do not wait until it is too late to fortify your BDR. There is a major financial risk with each data loss incident. If the data loss is severe, your company’s reputation will be soiled and you might lose a considerable number of clients.

5. Failing to Implement a BDR Plan and Processes

Comprehensive BDR testing mandates a thorough exam of procedures to follow if data loss occurs. Your business should have a series of detailed instructions that each relevant employee must follow in the event of a crisis. These instructions should be updated and refined as time progresses. Failure to perform regular tests and updates increases the chances of extensive data loss induced by a disaster or other crisis.

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