Cloud hosting for business continuity

Unforeseen disasters can strike at any time, and when they do, your business could come to a grinding halt. Having a business continuity plan could prevent this from happening by securing your valuable business data at another location. But all too often, data backup can be too complicated for the average IT personnel to manage.

The cloud and virtualization explained

Cloud computing and virtualization are similar but that doesn’t mean that one can be substituted for the other. Each has its own benefits, so it pays to know how both work, so you can take advantage of them.

Imagine a company with five servers, each assigned a single task such as storage, email, etc.

Cloud migration made safe and secure

While many IT providers tout the revolutionary benefits of the cloud, very few address the security aspect of it. The fact is, when you’re using a cloud service, you’re moving information out of your hands and into a third party. So doesn’t it make sense to take precautions? Dropbox alone has had the accounts of nearly seven million users hacked.

Managed IT Services in Atlanta: File Sharing Solutions via Cloud Computing

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta often help businesses reduce complication in terms of file sharing through the introduction of cloud computing solutions.

With cloud computing, all you need is a dependable internet connection and the ability to use that connection.

Advantages of Cloud Computing and Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services in Atlanta can be integral in helping you maximize the utility of your technology resources. One of the smartest moves that you can make today involves the implementation of cloud computing technology. Now, you won't have to do it all at once.

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses Using IT Services in Atlanta

Cloud services are one of the most effective ways to manage your data as a small business. It's very important in our highly digital economy to have reliable technology that's a good fit for your company. IT services providers in Atlanta offer a variety of options for small to midsize companies who need an easy way to manage their growing technology needs.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Solutions Provided by an IT Support Provider in Atlanta

IT support providers in Atlanta can help you utilize cloud computing to its greatest advantage. The target is moving; the goalposts are shifting. If you want to remain competitively viable, you've got to stay abreast of these changes. Today, we’re delving into several considerable advantages you can enjoy from a well-configured cloud computing solution.