Cloud Services in Atlanta Can Assist in Implementing Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Justifying Security and Utility

Cloud services in Atlanta can be essential in helping your business maximize technological utility. Cloud computing and mobile networks are part and parcel to the Internet of Things, and the increase in both is quickly growing to define business. Without cloud computing, businesses find themselves at a disadvantage to the competition that is using the cloud.

What holds most organizations back are proprietary secrets and other information which is sensitive. Businesses don’t want such sensitive data stored on a network of servers at a remote location. They don’t trust that the data will be secure. This is understandable, but it shouldn’t be the reason for restricting cloud usage.


Consider your operations. How extensive are they and how much of them is characterized by such proprietary information? Think of KFC’s herbs and spices. It’s no longer a hidden recipe for seasoning, but it is one of those bits of proprietary data that a smaller organization considering the cloud jump may keep hidden. But how much of KFC’s operations are really characterized by that blend of herbs and spices? Well, there’s the recipe itself and disseminating it to the staff. There are staff protocols protecting it as well — though they’ve since leaked. So basically, the only data needs are storage and transferring the information to new locations. But most franchised KFC outlets are going to have managers shipped in who already know the mix. So they transfer it by word of mouth. Basically, that proprietary data constitutes several kilobytes of data, and if KFC wanted to get fancy, they could keep an internal intranet accessible only by upper management if necessary — but it’s not really all that necessary. The rest of their massive global infrastructure can be perfectly safe on the cloud and, furthermore, streamline operations while saving billions of dollars.

The Hybrid Cloud

What is being described here is a hybrid cloud. Cloud services in Atlanta can help facilitate such solutions cost-effectively. You can have an internal cloud and a public cloud. Use the internal cloud for proprietary, sensitive data. Use the external cloud — the “public” cloud — for non-proprietary infrastructural needs. This offers the best of both worlds. Certainly, it’s a bit more costly to go this route, but you’ll be able to “have your cake and eat it too,” as the saying goes.

Additionally, this adds a heightened measure of security to operations in a certain sense. Consider business continuity. Should systems crash or become infected with a ransomware virus, cloud computing solutions provide up-to-the-second reboot possibilities and an outsourced MSP can help identify the exact time at which toxic software was inducted into a system. Then the system can be rebooted before the malware came, and the minimum of losses can be sustained. Business continuity and BDR through the cloud are unparalleled in cost-effectiveness, convenience and security. Having that on a hybrid cloud is, again, the best of both worlds.

Implementation Solutions

People are moving to the hybrid cloud because:

  • It’s more cost-effective
  • There is greater security in case of emergency
  • It makes a business more competitive

For cloud services in Atlanta that can help you fully take advantage of these features, we at MIS Solutions offer comprehensive solutions. Contact us to upgrade to the cloud.

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