VoIP Service Providers Under Pressure

Cybercriminals are Behind the Latest Phone Service Disruptions
September was a rough month for phone service providers. Just like we’ve seen with other vital industries like fuel and meat suppliers, SIP Trunk providers are under attack. Four major voice over IP (VoIP) service providers reported that their systems were the targets of cybercriminals who launched distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) last month alone.

6 Reasons Why Compliance Matters

Businesses are constantly faced with compliance challenges and changing regulations. IT compliance simply means that a business must commit to the safety and security of their client's data and information. 

As a business leader or owner, it’s hard enough to keep up with day-to-day tasks, let alone ensure that you are remaining compliant at all times.

8 Things You Need From Your Technology If You’re Moving to a Hybrid Work Model

The days of working from the office five days a week are not likely to return post-pandemic. Working from home has become a new norm within the last year and it’s looking like most people want it to stay that way in some capacity. In a recent PWC report, 55% of 1,200 surveyed employees said they would prefer to work remotely at least 3 days a week once pandemic concerns reside.