Get to Know Brian Nyagumbirira, Project Engineer

Brian Nyagumbirira (pronounced n y aa-goom-bee-ree-rah) joined MIS earlier this year and works on our world-class projects team. As a young boy living in Hillside, Harare in Zimbabwe, Brian dreamed of being an engineer. But having lost both his parents when he was only 15 and having little means to further his education, Brian’s hopes of ever becoming an engineer looked dim.

The Man of Steel

When Jim awoke from the 21-hour surgery, there was a loud thumping in his chest he had never felt before. “I was not used to hearing the rub-dub beating of my heart,” he wrote in his book, “When Hope is Your Only Option.” This new heart felt strong – much stronger than the one he was born with.

Shiny New Gadget: The Samsung Galaxy Fold

Whoa! Look what Samsung is about to launch (finally) – a foldable smartphone. And we’re not talking about a flip phone here. The company has been talking about a foldable phone for years, but it looks like this next-generation gadget will actually come to market next month on April 26.

The Galaxy Fold has a 4.6-inch display when folded but opens up like a book revealing a massive 7.3-inch display.

How to Speed Up Your Slow Computer

Technology is such a wonderful thing! It allows us to access vast amounts of information on practically any topic in a matter of seconds. It’s hard to remember “back in the olden days” having to dial in via modem and waiting through the series of hissing, crackling and beeping sounds just to get to the internet.

Lessons from a Shark

Today, Robert Herjavec is known as the beloved “nice judge” on ABC’s Shark Tank, but if you ask him, he thinks the descriptor “fair” is more appropriate. Whatever you call him, make no mistake: he’s one of the most shrewd and successful businesspeople of our time.

Meet Gracie, Our Pet of the Month

This sweet Dapple Dachshund belongs to Mary Atkinson of Century Cabinets. Gracie joined the Atkinson family when she was just a wee 5-week-old pup. She’s a Dapple Dachshund who loves to take walks and play fetch, but she is particularly fond of swimming.

Be Careful Who You Let In Your Office

You’ve probably heard news stories of people trying to weasel their way into people’s homes by posing as cable company technicians and claiming they needed to conduct an audit of their cable modem specifications or some similar gibberish. They look completely legit with an official company polo shirt, khakis, tool belt and clipboard.