Facilitating Growth Through EOS

Facilitating Growth Through EOS

We began implementing the EOS model at MIS Solutions seven years ago. Using the EOS model sets us apart as a company because it allows us to focus on the value of setting up the proper processes to facilitate growth and foster healthy relationships with our clients. Here’s a deeper look into how we facilitate growth through EOS. 

What is the EOS Model? 

As a reminder, EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is a set of business concepts, principles and tools that help business owners and executives run a more successful business. EOS is built on six components  – vision, people, data, issues, process and traction. To learn more about how we live out the six components of the EOS model at MIS, click here. 

How Does the EOS Model Help us to Facilitate Growth? 

Focusing on these six components allows our team to do our jobs each day with excellence and make ‘IT’ truly possible for the clients we serve. EOS is important to us because it gives us the opportunity to look at our work with a holistic approach, get to the root cause of issues and create a united team that holds one another accountable. Each of these factors helps us to focus on our goals and facilitate both internal and external growth. 

We have a why behind everything we do. From providing the best protection for your business to our weekly team meetings to our community involvement, we are committed to the why behind our business and our core values of grow, lead, serve and do. 

We believe that having a strong team with vision internally creates quality work with excellence externally. 

Are you looking to work with an IT provider who shares the same values as you? What about a company that prioritizes people and process? Then we would love to chat! You can contact us here.