Meet Oakley Rose, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Oakley Rose, Our Pet of the Month

This sweet Chocolate Labrador belongs to Kathy Nichols of The Palmer Agency. Oakley Rose is a 16-month-old girl who loves to swim and is fiercely protective of her human family. These brown dogs are sometimes referred to as “liver” labs, but owners prefer the name chocolate to describe their beautiful companions.

Here’s a little-known fact about chocolate labs: while black labs have always been popular among sport shooting enthusiasts, the chocolate lab was not considered acceptable until the ‘60s. Not exactly sure why that would be but hunters in the early 1900s only used black labs in the fields. It wasn’t until the Labrador started gaining popularity as family pets did the Chocolate Lab also become more widely sought after.

Does her name have a special meaning? My daughter wanted to name her. She chose Oakley and I chose Rose after her grandmother.

How long have you had her? 1 year

Do you bring your pet to work? Sometimes

What is his/her favorite toy or activity? She loves chew toys and any toy she can fetch or pull the stuffing out of.

What is an interesting fact about your pet? She is so jealous of any dog or baby that is around her family. She will get in between you and another dog or person and will not move no matter who it is.

What is the BEST thing about your pet? She is a great protector

Do you have a funny or interesting story about your pet? She loves to swim.  She will swim laps in our pool for as long as you will let her. We have to put a dog gate up at the pool steps so she will not get into the water when we are not outside with her.