Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Why Every Business Needs Mobile Device Management

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In the last 10 years or so, consumers have demanded that mobile devices be more prevalent in the world. Now, people can search for products and services while on the go, talk on the phone in the car while being safe (hands-free devices), and so much more. Of course, smartphones and tablets are always evolving so that they can do everything for the user. With 5G, mobile devices are even more valuable as they become more necessary.

The question for companies remains: how can you manage the devices to be more efficient? For that, you need a mobile device management program and managed IT services in Atlanta.

An MDM is a security software that can monitor and secure endpoints, such as smartphones, that are utilized by employees for business-related purposes. Your employees can use any operating system they desire, as well as any service provider. You can feel comfortable knowing that your company data is safe and protected.

The goal of MDM is to provide more security to all mobile devices used for company needs, as well as optimize the workforce and make everything more functional. People don’t require a separate, personal phone and can be available for work-related purposes regardless of where they are.

The Benefits of MDM

When organizations need to go mobile, it’s ideal to consider a mobile device management system. Even if you plan to give your employees a work phone, you should still set up an MDM. Additionally, you can ask the assistance of a managed IT services provider in Atlanta to monitor and keep track of everything. The benefits of doing so are endless and discussed below.

  • More Productivity
    MDM systems allow everyone in the program to be more productive. Your employees can use their own personal devices for business needs and can get set up to be on the corporate network quickly. This saves your business resources and time. To make it more productive and safer, digital forms can be used to process or collect various data from each person.
  • Cost Savings
    If you’ve got to supply the smartphones to your employees, it is going to cost a lot of extra money. This might not be in the budget, or you may not want to risk it. When employees can use their personal phones for business, it saves you money, and they are responsible for any repairs or damage to their smart device.

Most companies want to utilize MDM. Our managed IT services team in Atlanta can help you set up and implement your MDM, as well as many other things. Get in touch with us at MIS Solutions for more information.

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