Facilitate Remote Work with the Help of an IT Services Provider in Atlanta

Taking your company to the cloud and partnering with an IT services provider in Atlanta are the first important steps to establishing a remote workforce. You need the cloud for a network hub that workers can access from any location at any time. The purpose of working with an IT support team is to ensure your network is secure, since online interactivity opens doors to cybercrime vulnerabilities.

Security for Anytime, Anywhere Access

The coronavirus pandemic is just one example of how you can still main business continuity during a crisis by working with an IT services provider in Atlanta. Technicians can help facilitate an online workforce by guiding you to appropriate digital solutions to match your needs. Staff members may then keep the business going by working from home and dialing into your network, while it’s managed and monitored by seasoned IT professionals. If you’re going to have a remote workforce, you need strong security layers to block out the hackers.

Your IT team will help employees create complex passwords, implement encryption and take proactive security measures. They will be there to provide advice as well, such as decisions regarding wi-fi options. It’s best to avoid using public wi-fi for sensitive business work and instead set up a cell phone hotspot. Technicians may further suggest using virtual desktops or webmail for teleworkers.

Establishing Remote Security Measures

Various solutions exist to keep unwanted visitors off your network, and it’s best to combine at least a few, such as firewalls and encryption. An effective way to protect user accounts is to instruct workers to use strong passwords that mix up letters, numbers and special characters. Another reliable security strategy is to use multi-factor authentication, such as sending a one-time code to the user’s smartphone as well as using a password. You can also set up security questions.

Device authentication is another big step toward maintaining a safe network for a finite set of users who are each assigned certificates by the company for device verification purposes. Letting IT specialists monitor your network to ensure only authorized parties can access it will give you peace of mind that your system is well protected.


The best way to reduce stress about the combination of the coronavirus and computer viruses is to adopt IT services in Atlanta. You’ll be connected with IT support whenever you need it, and you can gain valuable insights on how telework keeps your business rolling even during a serious global crisis. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about how we can advance your company toward its business and technology goals.

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