IT Services in Atlanta: How to Bolster Infrastructure to Handle DDoS Attacks

IT Services in Atlanta: How to Bolster Infrastructure to Handle DDoS Attacks

The average person has heard of DDoS attacks in passing yet does not fully understand them. Fret not, our IT services experts in Atlanta will help you understand these attacks and safeguard your operations. DDoS is short for "Distributed Denial of Service". This attack is launched from numerous devices as opposed to a single device. Unfortunately, DDoS attacks have become that much more sophisticated as time has progressed. Let’s take a quick look at how to survive such an attack with the enhancement of your infrastructure.

Identify Your Most Vulnerable and Important Resources to Withstand a DDoS Attack

Every company should zero in on its most important resources that must be protected amidst a DDoS attack. As an example, email servers and web servers are of the utmost importance as they are central to business operations. The contact information of all executives, tech specialists, and security personnel at your organization must be protected and easily accessible by your internal team in the event of an emergency.

A tangible copy of such information including the phone number and email address of your Internet Service Provider (ISP), essential vendors and cloud service provider must be available should a DDoS attack or other emergency occur.

Harden Your Tech Infrastructure to Thwart DDoS Attacks

If your network lacks basic controls, you will be targeted in a DDoS attack in due time. This is your opportunity to bolster your infrastructure against DDoS attacks ranging from spoofed-packet floods to GET/POST floods, SYN floods and beyond. Reach out to IT services experts in Atlanta to help you with the technical aspects of hardening your tech infrastructure.

Recognize the Importance of Patching

Every single system your team relies on must be protected with the most up-to-date security patches as well as software updates. The web-facing infrastructure is especially important. From routers to switches, enterprise applications, server operating systems and beyond, every aspect of your tech must be comprehensively protected.

Tap Into the Power of an Upstream Provider

Though load balancers and firewalls are helpful for attack prevention, the nuanced complexity and magnitude of DDoS attacks require the assistance of an upstream provider. As an example, it is quite possible your organization will be hit with a 200Gbps DDoS attack yet your connection is merely 5% of that level. If you do not have the assistance of an upstream provider, your local defenses will not be able to withstand the attack.

MIS Solutions is at Your Service!

Our IT services team in Atlanta can help you protect your business against DDoS attacks and other digital threats. From antivirus protection to firewalls and beyond, we have myriad digital security tools at our disposal. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help your unique business.