IT Services in Atlanta: How to Troubleshoot a Slow Computer

Nothing gets in the way of a long to-do list quite like a slow computer. Many people experience this problem daily. There are various reasons why your computers could be acting up in this way but rest assured that experts in IT services in Atlanta have seen it all. Before you give up on your computer altogether, it’s important to establish the possible causes. There’s a good chance that the issue could be something easily fixable.

Reasons for a Slow Computer

Most slow computers became that way after some changes that occurred or were made in the software or hardware of the device. There is also something to be said about how the computer is used regularly. In some cases, the computer may be slow for only a limited period, but if you find your computer slow continuously, it’s time to find out why.

One of the common causes of a slow computer is too many programs and applications running at the same time. It’s good to shut computers down completely periodically, so if you haven’t done this in a while, it could be time to hit restart. Opening too many programs and internet tabs can also take more processing power than is needed. You can try to speed up your computer by closing pages and programs you are not using. Some of these could be running in the background without you being aware of it. The best way to see what’s running is to visit the Task Manager by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Del for Windows or Cmd+Space for the Active Monitor on a Mac.

Sometimes the reasons behind a slow computer are more hidden or more serious, but IT services experts in Atlanta can identify these. Perhaps your computer has a virus or viruses on it. These can work in the background, drain a huge amount of processing power, and just make your computer a nightmare to use. If you haven’t updated your anti-virus software in a while, this could be the issue. It could also be that you are close to exhausting the hard drive of the computer. To resolve this, you can look into reducing what is stored on the computer, extending the RAM, or pursuing cloud storage alternatives.

There are more than a dozen ways why your computer could be working very slowly. If you want to know more about how to troubleshoot or speed up slow devices, contact MIS Solutions, Inc. We specialize in IT services in Atlanta and more.

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