Choose a Type of Firewall for Your Business with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services firms in Atlanta advocate not only firewalls, but those most appropriate to your particular IT situation. Essentially, firewalls enable network security through the monitoring of traffic as it comes into and leaves from a network.

Data packets will either be allowed through or blocked based on in-set algorithms and other protocols which “check” the data. Think of it like a security guard keeping guys who live in RVs out of corporate parking lots. The better the bottleneck security, the fewer “bad actors” can slip through.

Primary Types of Firewalls

There are a number of different firewall options presently available, and you will likely have to update as you scale out or IT innovations shift. Here are the primary types of firewalls:

  • NAT Firewalls
  • NGFW Options
  • Proxy Firewalls and SMLI Firewalls

NAT Firewalls

NAT stands for National Address Translation. NAT hides individual IP addresses, allowing multiple diverse devices on separate networks to unify under a single network IP. Those trying to get the addresses that are now under one IP aren’t able to. Basically, they’re a “barrier” or “protective layer” between a conglomeration of devices and exterior traffic. Atlanta IT support providers advise the use of NAT firewalls for businesses with a lot of devices on separate IPs.

NGFW Options

NGFW stands for a Next Generation FireWall. NGFWs use older tech and newer tech for the best overall result. Encrypted inspection of traffic occurs, as well as systems designed to stop intrusion of viruses. DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) comes with NGFWs.

Proxy and SMLI Firewalls

SMLI stands for Stateful Multilayer Inspection firewalls, and managed IT services firms in Atlanta advise such options for best security. Essentially, SMLIs examine total data packets at each individual layer for maximum security.

Meanwhile, Proxy firewalls filter traffic at the level of applications. A proxy firewall may cordon off one computer on your network from another. It’s a firewall within your larger network; a circle within a circle.

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta through MIS Solutions may advise Proxy, SMLI, NGFW, or NAT firewall solutions; even some combination of all four, depending on your circumstances. Contact us for more information to make the most informed choice.

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