IT Support in Atlanta: Top 7 Advantages Your Business Gets with Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business. Instead of being tied to a physical infrastructure located at the central office, companies have a virtual office that they can connect to from anywhere in the world. If your company isn’t leveraging cloud computing yet, IT support experts in Atlanta advise— now’s the time to get started.

Let’s look at seven advantages your business gets when you use cloud computing.

1. Flexibility

A company that’s just getting started has different needs compared to a company that’s been around for a decade or more. Cloud computing offers the flexibility to meet the needs of both companies. Plus, as a company grows, the cloud provides flexibility to accommodate this growth.

2. Mobility

Anyone with the proper credentials can access a cloud computing center from anywhere in the world. It gives your team the ability to keep up to date with co-workers and clients instantly. It also provides an option for a better work-life balance.

3. Scalability

A major advantage of cloud computing is scalability. Your permanent staff may only be 10 people, yet you bring on 20 more during your busiest season. The cloud offers the ability to scale up and back down very quickly. It controls costs while providing the tools you need.

4. Collaboration

Members of your team can view and share information easily through the cloud. Shared social spaces can increase interest and engagement. Project management and meetings can be productive and quick in this platform.

5. Security

Despite rumors, to the contrary, cloud computing offers high-quality data security. They include access control, encryption options, and authentication. According to IT support experts in Atlanta, companies can even add additional layers of security to make things even tighter.

6. Disaster Recovery

It’s impossible to anticipate every disaster your company could face. That’s why implementing a cloud-based disaster recovery plan is essential for almost every company. It offers the ability to get back up and running in a short amount of time.

7. Updates

Cloud providers install the latest versions of the applications you use every day. This increases software security and gives you access to the latest software features. Your IT staff don’t need to worry about patches or updates. They can focus on adding value to the business.

These advantages show why companies need to use cloud computing for at least part of their operations. If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us at MIS Solutions! We are the experts on cloud computing and IT support Atlanta businesses rely on.

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