Meet Jax, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Jax, Our Pet of the Month

There’s a ton of cuteness wrapped up in this three-pound pup. Jax is an 8-month-old Yorkie Poo and belongs to Stan Burnette of Burnette Insurance. Generally speaking, Yorkie Poos are supposed to be highly intelligent dogs. Stan has not found this to be the case. Keep reading…

Does his name have a special meaning?  We were watching the Braves game and reliever Luke Jackson was pitching.  We just liked it.  He isn't a great pitcher, hopefully he won't read this.

How long have you had your pet?  5 months

Do you bring your pet to work?  Only to visit.  He is a huge distraction when he comes in and he isn't fully potty trained.

What is his favorite toy or activity?  My daughter's shoes.

What is an interesting fact about your pet?  He will top out around 4 pounds.  Weighs around 3 pounds now.

What is the BEST thing about your pet?  His mistakes are tiny and easy to clean up.

Do you have a funny or interesting story about your pet?  We had to put a bell on him because when we take him outside at night he disappears in the darkness.  The only way we can find him is to hear his bell ringing.  We were told that the poodle part of Yorkie Poo would make him smart and offset the Yorkie part but that backfired.  He's as stubborn as a Yorkie and is high energy.  We haven't found the smart part yet.

For being named our Pet of the Month, Jax won a gift basket with toys and treats valued at $40. If you would like to enter your pet in our contest, CLICK HERE.