IT Services in Atlanta: How to Determine if the Cloud is Right for Your Business

Competitive Viability

IT services in Atlanta is an important component in helping you make the right decisions in terms of operational upgrades. Sometimes, it’s better for you to incorporate new operational technology; sometimes, it’s not.

However, when it comes to cloud computing, technological decentralization is making avoidance of this innovation something that reduces competitive viability. At the very least, most businesses need some sort of cloud storage option for BDR and DRaaS security, if nothing else.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Working with an IT consultant in Atlanta can help you determine which cloud computing options are best for your business, and which will be more trouble than they’re worth. Essentially, there are a few prime considerations here (and some distinct advantages) including:

  • More efficiency and reliable data security
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Better access to data

More Efficiency and Reliable Data Security

IT services firms in Atlanta provide cloud storage encrypted with the latest encryptions and protected against varying viral software through the latest antivirus protocols and firewalls. You’ll get efficient data security that’s more reliable in the long-run than on-site options— depending on your resources, of course.

Reduced Operational Costs

An IT consultant in Atlanta can show you how cloud computing reduces operational costs. You’ll be able to cut on-site storage hardware, its management, and the personnel required to maintain said equipment— but you’ll lose none of your storage capability.

Better Access to Data

Cloud computing facilitates decentralized information access; provided those seeking it are allowed to access the network. Basically, if you’ve got an internet connection that’s secure, you can access the cloud. Without the cloud, you’re restricted to on-site access, and this generally reduces operational efficiency.

Determining If Cloud Computing is Right for Your Operation

IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions can help you determine if efficiency, data security, operational cost reduction, and data access will improve for your business through cloud solutions. Contact us for more information on cloud storage and to determine if it’s right for you.

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