Using IT Services in Atlanta to Stay HIPAA-Compliant

Small businesses operating in the health sector oftentimes overlook HIPAA compliance. There are a few reasons for this, including insufficient knowledge about the expectations. It’s not just large hospitals and medical organizations that need to adhere to these standards. Thankfully, IT services providers in Atlanta can help your small healthcare business boost your IT systems and, in turn, keep you compliant and protect your clients’ important data.

Build HIPAA Compliance into Your Business Systems

HIPAA compliance is an absolute priority for businesses in the medical industry, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Many small businesses do not have robust IT policies and data protection measures in place. As a result, they end up being non-compliant and putting their clients’ information at risk. What is needed is for better IT systems and awareness about what HIPAA is and what it requires.

We can help your business with IT services in Atlanta. We can work together with you to ensure that there are no gaps in your current IT systems. This could involve setting up or revising your IT policy, implementing data encryption and performing routine risk assessments.

Another very important area that your business may have overlooked is employee training. How much do all the members on your team know about data security and the risks there are? Are they aware of what HIPAA is and what impact their actions have on the business’s IT security? Security awareness training is very important in a business, and we can provide this for you. Your team is made up of the system users, and if they are kept informed, you can significantly reduce the risk of a data breach. As you improve your IT security policies, you have to keep your team trained on the new procedures as well.

Data security laws and regulations are dynamic, and as technology advances, you can expect more guidelines you are going to have to adhere to. In business today, mobile device usage is standard, whether these are company-issued or personal devices. HIPAA compliance also applies to these, so let us help you ensure that your mobile device management policies are current.

MIS Solutions, Inc. is a leader in providing IT services in Atlanta. If you are a small business in the medical industry, we can work with you to achieve HIPAA compliance. We also work with businesses in different industries and provide a range of other services to improve their IT systems. Get in touch with us to get started!

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