Working with IT Services Providers in Atlanta to Avoid Ransomware and Recover Quickly If Compromised

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you prevent being impacted by ransomware. New threats develop all the time, so perpetual safety may not be entirely possible. However, you can definitely reduce your risk through practices as advocated by groups providing managed security services in Atlanta. Several key tactics in this regard include:

  • Employee Education
  • Monitored Operations
  • Patching, Antivirus, and Firewall Software

You need to refresh employees on best practices periodically. The preponderance of ransomware attacks come from internal error. Employees may incidentally expose your network by opening an attachment on the wrong email or navigate through the wrong website. There are many best practices to consider here.

Beyond that, you want to monitor operations to detect and digitally quarantine anomalies before they impact operations. IT services in Atlanta can be instrumental in helping you properly monitor operations in this regard. That said, you need to have patching for new antivirus protocols, the latest antivirus software installed, and the latest firewalls properly deployed.

Swift Recovery

For the fastest security in the wake of a ransomware event, managed security experts in Atlanta recommend exercising proper backup strategy. If you’re running on the cloud already, you might look into DRaaS, or Disaster Recovery as a Service.

If not, backup and disaster recovery (BDR) protocols are recommendable. The best security solutions can’t keep you from all ransomware dangers, you need to have a catch-all in place, and proper protocols to exercise that catch-all.

Failover protocols make sense as well. Consultation with the right MSP will help you determine how you can handle a true disaster related to ransomware. For some businesses, database mirroring through the cloud can allow operations to remain perpetually usable even if the primary network crashes.

A Risky Market

Which level of protection you ultimately decide to use will depend on your operation and your budget. That said, consider this: the global cybercrime market is reckoned to hit $6 trillion in the next two years. Meanwhile, the value of the global tech market is estimated around $5 trillion presently. Also, SMBs are prime ransomware targets–in fact, more than half of ransomware targets are aimed at SMBs as these represent prime marks for hackers: most don’t have a backup solution in place, and are vulnerable.

Most Effectively Protecting Your Digital Assets

At MIS Solutions, our IT services experts in Atlanta can help you institute BDR, DRaaS, or both. Additionally, we can provide you with up-to-date firewall protocols, antivirus protocols, and monitoring solutions. Also, we can help you keep staff educated. Contact us now for more information on ransomware and how to avoid it.

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