Meet Juju, our Pet of the Month

Meet Juju, our Pet of the Month

We are so excited that we have our very first bunny as a pet of the month! Juju belongs to Zen Ongchangco at Evermark and is a 6-year-old lop rabbit. Lop-eared rabbits are easily recognizable due to their large, floppy ears. Juju has accompanied Zen to work, but she (Juju, not Zen) likes to hide under the conference room table so she’s mostly a stay-at-home bunny now.

Juju loves the be petted and if you stop petting her, she will move her head closer to your hand letting you know she wants more pats on the head. She’s also not shy about letting Zen and her family know she’s hungry by circling her bowl. Juju is a gentle bunny and will eat out of your hand using her lips – not her teeth – to take the food.

Being a little sassy is also part of Juju’s disposition. She’s been known to stick out her tongue and turn her back to her humans if she’s not in the mood to “talk.” And when she visits a new house or place, she performs a ritual called “chinning” which is a rabbit’s way of marking their spot by rubbing secretions from their scent glands under their chins. Much like cats, it’s how they claim ownership of everything. Thankfully, the scent is undetectable to humans.

One of Juju’s favorite games is playing dead, said Zen. She’ll flop over as if she’s dead and remain there until someone says, “Is she dead?” then she’ll wake up like it was normal.

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