How Managed IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Identify and Avoid Massive Security Threats

Managed IT services in Atlanta can be an essential feature in your tech security game plan. Here’s the thing: we all know technology doubles on itself every couple of years. That means the “good guys” get better, and the “bad guys” get more tools. Additionally, we all know it’s easy to make a mistake on a computer and delete key information. For threats internal and external, tech security measures help retain operational stability.

Threats to Account For

Many different security threats will assail your operation over the course of its tenure. Several common things to watch out for, and work with MSPs to design effective solutions against, include:

Collateral Mobile Device Vulnerability

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta stress the need for businesses to incorporate some form of MDM (Mobile Device Management). Technology is becoming decentralized, and mobile devices are one of the primary “vehicles” for this transition. Unfortunately, they expand the surface area of potential entry points to your network.

Find ways of remotely deactivating, updating, or monitoring these devices. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) can be a key means of keeping your network safe from mobile devices. Consult MSPs to find the best solutions for your particular operation.

Suspicious, Malicious, and Deceptive Emails

Emails that are suspicious, malicious, or downright deceptive can be quite common today. Look at the time an email was sent, and see if it’s got any “time-sensitive” demands to it. Also, carefully scrutinize the sending address.

When you find suspicious domains or other qualities to the email, it may very well be a threat. Screening measures exist for email servers, and MSPs can help you apply them. Many hackers manage to sneak in through email.

Internal Threats

The biggest security threats to your IT network are internal. These come about through mistakes, corporate espionage, or underhanded practices in the workplace. Third-party apps can be downloaded by a team working on a project incidentally and sink your network. Institute regular “best practices” training courses at intervals, make them mandatory. MSPs help you train and can put you into contact with resources for this purpose.

Keeping Clear of Avoidable Security Threats

A managed IT services provider in Atlanta like MIS Solutions can help you guard against internal threats through proper training. Additionally, we can help you defer emails that are suspicious. There are screening options available for this purpose. MDM solutions and MFA options are also available; we can help you determine which of these will be most appropriate for your operation. Contact us now for more information and cutting-edge security solutions.

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