IT Services in Atlanta: How Virtualization Enhances Disaster Recovery

The average person is well aware of the fact that data must be backed up at specific intervals. However, backups alone will not suffice for the entirety of disaster recovery. It is best to think of backup as a key component of disaster recovery. Unfortunately, if a system failure takes place, a restoration of the entire working environment will be necessary. Our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help with the implementation of virtualization, the cloud, and other essential technology.

The Rise of Virtualization

Virtualization tech has improved by quite a significant margin in the past half-decade. In fact, this progress has changed the manner in which organizations shape and apply strategies for disaster recovery. There is no longer any need to buy a new server or pay for a costly repair of a server following a system failure. Nor is there a need to manually reinstall the entirety of your software, applications, operating system, etc. Thanks to virtualization, such manual restoration is no longer necessary. The days of redundant servers with entire system backups have faded away. Virtualization has simplified disaster recovery for businesses of all types, sizes, and niches.

Thanks to virtualization, the entirety of the server environment has been consolidated. Even workstations and additional systems are now consolidated into one virtual machine. This virtual machine is essentially a single file with everything from individual files to settings, programs, operating systems, etc. The best part is virtual machines are used in the same manner as local desktops. There is no need to rebuild the entirety of the physical server environment. Rather, it is now possible to shift the virtual machines to a separate system for prompt and easy access. Our IT services team in Atlanta is here to help your company make this transition.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Now that cloud computing is ubiquitous, there is wide-ranging flexibility that liberates businesses from dependence on on-site hardware. Nowadays, businesses merely require a device with web access along with a remote desktop application to resume work without skipping a beat. Though virtualization can be conducted on a computer level with a robust server system, it is easier and much more affordable to shift the core operations to the cloud. This way, there is no need to worry about maintaining hardware or server system redundancies for prompt and comprehensive disaster recovery. Rather, everything is hosted on modern remote data centers with ample power supplies, redundant systems and the security measures necessary to safeguard data. In other words, the cloud provides your team with all the tools necessary to get work done in a remote manner, improve disaster recovery, and keep operations humming along.

We are Here to Help with Your IT Challenges

Whether you are thinking about implementing virtualization, concerned about your disaster recovery strategy, or have another IT-related challenge, our IT services experts in Atlanta are at your service. Let our team at MIS Solutions spearhead your virtualization effort, bolster your disaster recovery preparation, and get the most out of your tech investment. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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