IT Services in Atlanta: Cloud Security Best Practices

IT services providers in Atlanta regularly provide cloud computing security solutions for clients out of necessity. Cybercrime is an industry whose size actually matches, in terms of economic impact, the size of “legal” technology solutions. Cloud computing is swiftly propounding decentralized computing.

Motivated Cybercriminals

Between these factors, there’s a high potential for businesses to profit, and high incentive for cybercriminals to steal information or otherwise malign systems before more effective security solutions develop. Accordingly, conscientious cloud security management is essential, and the following represent common provisions MSPs have for clients in this area:

Manage Access, Incorporate User Permissions Protocols

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you carefully manage data. Additionally, you can find the best ways to incorporate user permissions protocols through the right MSP. To summarize the strategy here: cloud segmentation needs to be on “a need to know basis”. Such compartmentalization reduces potential areas where you’re vulnerable to data theft.

Keep Encryption Strong and Update It At Intervals

Encryption needs to be at its strongest. You can’t simply adopt a single method of encryption then forget about it. Because technological development is always in motion, encryption effectiveness diminishes on a predictable curve.

Essentially, you can expect technology capability to double on itself every year and a half or so in accordance with Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law is nearing an end, but as yet it hasn’t quite crossed that Rubicon yet. Accordingly, you’ve got to evaluate encryption and update it when appropriate.

Consultation and Automation

Consulting with the right tech people can help you determine where you need to increase security and where you’re already in a good spot. It’s easy to go over-the-top unnecessarily or under-secure your cloud through either apathy or procrastination. Consultation through the right MSP reveals where you’ve got vulnerabilities, how to patch them, and how to retain security through regular upgrades going forward.

Many of these upgrades can be automated. Oftentimes patch updates are something you can automate, helping malware and firewall software retain effectiveness. With consultation, you’ll know what to automate and how best to incorporate such automated solutions.

Maximizing Cloud Utility

At MIS Solutions, our IT services team in Atlanta can provide consultation solutions which assist you in terms of determining where to secure clouds and how best to do so. Additionally, you can apply automation to operations, reducing time spent in applying security issues, and assuring you’re properly secured always. We can also help keep encryptions updated and effectively manage access. Contact us now for more information!

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