How Adware Can Compromise Your Security and Why You Need IT Support in Atlanta

With proper IT support in Atlanta, an adware isn’t anything to cause alarm. However, businesses crucially need managed security services, especially now when new adware can outwit most defenses. The recent adware strain — DealPly — can run through Microsoft and McAfee services without detection. How safe is your business?

The Growing Threat of Adware

Advanced adware can avoid detection even by the most reputable antivirus. In particular, DealPly’s architecture makes use of modular code, a robust C&C structure and machine fingerprinting. Without proper IT support in Atlanta, this adware can leave your business at the mercy of attackers.

DealPly is often bundled up in a clean app. After installation, DealPly adds itself on the Windows Task Scheduler and runs every hour. It gets new instructions from its command control server every time it runs.

Taking on SmartScreen API

SmartScreen (Windows Defender SmartScreen) often plays a key role in warning users when visiting malicious domains. The service keeps a blacklist record of domains used in phishing and malware attacks.
DealPly has a code that outdoes Microsoft SmartScreen through reverse engineering. Once installed, it sends complex requests to the SmartScreen API to find out if it is blacklisted. If it has, the adware hibernates until it’s updated again to outmaneuver detection.

If adware can successfully take on Smartscreen, then it will probably leave your computer vulnerable to attacks by an opportunistic hacker. By evading detection, security experts fear that the DealPly adware could monitor your keystrokes and steal your emails, passwords and other critical data.

Signs that You Might Be Dealing with DealPly

Even though this adware has a notoriety for evading detection, it will have symptoms that managed security experts in Atlanta can often spot from a distance:

  • Changes to web browser settings that you dint make
  • Ceaseless pop-up ads
  • Too many website redirects
  • Adult content flashing ads
  • Sluggish computer and internet
  • Ads popping up even when you haven’t loaded any browser

Stay Safe by Staying Vigilant

DealPly just like any malware or adware needs to be resolved and removed immediately. Because this adware has the potential for long term abuse, it would be prudent to get the right IT support for a continuous and resilient defense strategy. That entails:

  • Vulnerability assessment – Regularly scan your computer to find out if you have adware installed. Scan all files and software that you download or install on your computers.
  • Threat intelligence – Your IT team needs to gather more information about how this threat operates and its attack techniques. The resultant Intel can then help to seal the vulnerabilities that the threat exploits.
  • Patch management – This involves outlining preventive controls and processes to stop malicious adware that tries to exploit the vulnerabilities identified.

At MIS Solutions, we offer forward-looking managed security services for Atlanta businesses. Our IT support experts in Atlanta can help bolster your cybersecurity and protect your business from all the latest attacks. Contact us now to secure your business!

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