Consider an ERP Upgrade Today with IT Services in Atlanta

If you are still using a legacy ERP system, there’s a high chance that your business is being limited in one way or another. This setup could be something you have had for a few years and may work well for the most part. Changing the entire system may seem like a mammoth task and you might find yourselves neglecting it for other priorities. To improve efficiency and data handling across all your different business functions, you need to consider upgrading to a modern ERP system. IT services providers in Atlanta can facilitate this move to help solve the challenges you face with your older setup.

New Systems and Processes When You Upgrade

Many businesses look at the time and costs of an ERP upgrade and decide to postpone it again and again. When you zero in on the actual benefits, you are likely to find that it’s completely worth it. As your business grows and you add team members and new ventures, you need a system that can support all of this. Using it should be intuitive with format consistency across the board. There are many challenges presented by a legacy ERP system and most users of this find ways around these. These manual fixes may work for the time being, but they don’t help with efficiency, data integrity, and consistency.

IT services providers in Atlanta can have a look at your legacy system, and together with your team, look at problem areas that could be solved with a new arrangement. Many manual operations can be done away with. The use of spreadsheets can be reduced because the newer systems are better at business processing. They also have user-friendly interfaces and more reporting options.

Overall, a new ERP system allows your business data to be moved and processed between departments with integrity and ease. You aren’t going to see multiple versions of the same data sets being generated anymore because everything goes through the same channels. You can also expect better collaboration between business functions as well as improved data security. At the management level, you can trust that the data reporting you receive is both accurate and reflective of the records held and shared between departments.


If you are ready to do away with paper-based manual solutions to the shortcomings of your legacy ERP, consider migrating to a modern setup. MIS Solutions, Inc. offers IT services in Atlanta to get your business IT running more smoothly. Get in touch with us to learn about our services.

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