IT Services in Atlanta: How Secure is Your File Sharing Solution?

File sharing is a standard part of business. An internal CMS, external sharing apps like Dropbox, and email make it easy to share documents inside and outside the company. Unfortunately, the easy transfer of files brings significant security risks, according to the experts on IT services in Atlanta. How secure is your file sharing solutions?

Are Your Employees Trained on File Sharing Security?

Humans want to do things as quickly as possible with the least amount of inconvenience. If an employee needs to send a sensitive document to someone, security is often set aside in the name of convenience. Sending such a document unencrypted is the first mistake. Placing that document on an unsecured file sharing platform is often the second.

Employees need to go through regular training on how to keep company information, documents, and data secure.

Is File Access Restricted or Open?

If you place a sensitive document on your internal file sharing platform, who will have access to it? The answer should be only those who need to have access. But, in many cases, the answer is just about anyone in the company. Unrestricted access is an open invitation for security issues.

Your file sharing solution should give you the ability to restrict access to individual documents or folders, according to the experts on IT services Atlanta companies trust with their cybersecurity.

Is Your Content Management System Strong Enough?

Over the past few years, developers have been adding stronger security options in content management systems. This was driven by the growing issues with cybersecurity. If your current content management system is a few years old and hasn’t been updated, it’s time to upgrade.

Upgrading your CMS can keep your sensitive documents more secure. Plus, when you are training your employees on the new software, it’s a good time to train them on how to share files securely.

Do You Use Stand-Alone or Integrated File Share Systems?

Your company has an internal content management system. You have a security system for email documents. You have a separate solution for file sharing with external parties.

While a stand-alone system can do a good job, they handle only part of your security needs. The better option is to use a single integrated solution that handles all your needs, according to experts on managed security in Atlanta. It makes managing security much easier.

These questions can help you assess your current file sharing security status. If you need assistance securing your file sharing systems, contact MIS Solutions today. We are the experts on IT services Atlanta companies trust with all their digital security needs.

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