Understanding BYOD Security with Our IT Services Team in Atlanta

BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” and it has become an integral component of work culture. However, there is a risk in not following the right approach, especially in the context of digital threats. Our IT services experts in Atlanta are here to help you develop the best BYOD policy possible.

Recognize the Risk

If your company does not have a BYOD security policy, you will be subjected to unnecessary risk. It is a mistake to let every single employee hop onto the network with any old device and use the web as he or she sees fit. Between personal smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices, employees can access the web with just about any web-enabled device. The potential for exposure to viruses and other threats is endless. Our managed security professionals in Atlanta are here to help you take control of your work environment’s digital realm, prevent digital invasions and keep your operations humming along.

BYOD Policy Creation

It is a mistake to hastily create a strict BYOD policy that serves the interest of your business. Let our IT services team in Atlanta help develop a BYOD security policy custom tailored to your unique company. A well-reasoned BYOD security policy will take some time to formulate. Wait until you have input from employees as well as stakeholders before settling on the primary components of your BYOD policy and you will find it proves universally appealing.

Even if you do not implement every single suggestion your employees provide at the outset of the BYOD policy stage, considering their input when shaping this important security policy will help retain their services. Above all, the company’s digital security should be prioritized over everything else. Strive to achieve a balance between control, security, and employee digital freedom and you just might make all relevant parties happy.

The Details of Your BYOD Security Policy

Your company’s unique BYOD policy should feature rules for employees to follow when using personal devices for work. Detail what constitutes acceptable use of these devices while working. Explain which applications employees can access, the restrictions on web use and so on. The BYOD security policy should also include company rights for altering computing devices such as performing remote wiping for devices that are stolen or lost. Additional BYOD security policy essentials include components provided by the company and the minimum security controls necessary for devices.

MIS Solutions is at Your Service

We can help with all your BYOD policy needs. Let our IT services team in Atlanta help secure your network, educate employees about digital risks, and ultimately craft a well-reasoned BYOD policy for your unique business. Contact us at MIS Solutions today to learn more.

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