Meet Bailey, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Bailey, Our Pet of the Month

This little cutie belongs to Lenny Boucher of Rossi North America. Bailey is a 7-month-old Lemon Beagle and can be pretty chatty, according to Lenny. Beagles are generally tri-colored with black, tan and white coats. But Lemon Beagles are two-toned with white and blonde fur. Some appear to be all white when they are born but as they age, the blonde or tan color darkens.

Her coat reminded Lenny of a certain spirituous beverage, hence the name Bailey. And her face is just as sweet as the Irish liqueur.

Lenny found his furry friend at the Forsyth County Humane Society when she was just 2-months-old. She is full of energy and loves to play with just about any toy or object right before she shreds it to bits. She also gets along famously with the cat of the house, Winston. “It’s fun to watch her and Winston play,” said Lenny. “It usually begins with Winston rubbing up on Bailey, followed up with a few quick swats to the head and then it's game on. The best thing to do at that point is to stay out of their way. It's a hilarious spectacle to watch as the chaser becomes the chased in the blink of an eye.”

For being named our Pet of the Month, Bailey won a goody basket with $40 worth of treats and toys from Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique.

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