Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Pros and Cons of Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is revolutionizing how companies do business. In fact, according to SpiceWorld, over 90% of businesses are using cloud computing in some fashion. Managed IT services experts in Atlanta recommend that before you start moving your data to the cloud, you need to understand the benefits and challenges first.

Defining Cloud Computing

To understand the pros and cons of cloud computing, you need a clear understanding of what it is.

For decades, applications were installed and ran on individual computers. Data from those applications were stored locally. If an employee needed to access an application, he or she would go to the local computer and start working.

With Atlanta cloud computing, everything changes. Instead of running on an individual server, applications run on a central server, usually located off-site. The data resides there as well. People who need to access the applications can do so from anywhere they have a compatible device and an Internet connection.

The Pros of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration brings benefits for most companies:

  • Cost reduction – Companies will see reduced costs because they have eliminated or drastically reduced their IT manpower and capital expenditures. They only pay for what they need each month.
  • Increased productivity – Employees can work from any location. This mobility and flexibility allow employees to be more productive wherever they are.
  • Better communication and collaboration – Instead of passing documents and emails around, team members can collaborate in a shared online space. Virtual meetings and video chats make communication much easier.
  • Consistent backups – One service offered by most cloud providers is continuous backups of all applications and data. This is critical for disaster recovery and business continuity.

The Cons of Cloud Migration

While bringing a ton of benefits, cloud migration also brings certain challenges, according to managed IT services experts in Atlanta:

  • Security issues – Cloud computing brings certain security challenges. For example, employees often use their own devices to access company data. It’s imperative a company addresses these security issues before migrating.
  • Learning curve for new technology – Some applications don’t run in a cloud environment. If you choose to fully migrate to the cloud, your employees will need to learn new applications.
  • Industry compliance – Some industries, such as healthcare, government contractors, legal, and finance, have special requirements as far as security and archiving.
  • Migration paths – Migration can be tricky for those who aren’t familiar with the process. Hiring an experienced IT team to help is the smart answer.


As you can see, cloud migration definitely has its benefits and challenges. If you want to learn more, contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. today. We are the experts on managed IT services Atlanta companies trust with their cloud computing needs.

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