How IT Support in Atlanta Can Help Businesses with XaaS

A proactive and constantly-evolving IT support team in Atlanta can step up business productivity in multiple ways. An emerging cloud-based concept that an IT consultant can use to enhance a business operation is known as “Everything as a Service” or XaaS, which provides a very wide range of IT solutions. Here are key features of the XaaS model and how they can help take your business to the next level:

Using XaaS to Achieve Better Efficiency

Modern businesses view efficiency and productivity as the two primary active ingredients to profitability besides customer service. Your IT support technicians in Atlanta can help your business become more efficient by reducing hardware, simplifying IT deployment and conserving resources. The IT team handles routine tasks by applying automated solutions, which frees up time for employees to work on tasks that computers cannot perform, such as closing sales deals.

Improving Security, Scalability, and Flexibility

Cybersecurity has become a top priority among managed services firms in Atlanta and their clients. No matter how sophisticated this technology gets, hackers rise to the challenge to hack complex systems. XaaS provides security solutions that outsmart cybercriminals by building strong layers around digital assets. By using a multi-layered approach instead of relying on questionable antivirus software a company can frustrate would-be attackers on your network.

Business continuity is a big concern among XaaS specialists. Any amount of downtime for a business these days can lead to a perception of poor management among customers. At one time businesses could get away with a certain amount of downtime but now competitors are just a few clicks away. Although no IT provider can promise zero downtime, it’s possible to guarantee near zero downtime, especially if your business has a data backup and disaster recovery plan, which it should.

Another key advantage of using XaaS is that it can help your business scale up or down seamlessly. It allows you to add or subtract cloud services quickly or switch to other services without contract issues. XaaS facilitates access to applications and other digital assets through any device from any location. This feature of remote access opens the door to downsizing office space, since you won’t need to buy a computer for every employee. They can work on their own devices at home, which allows your business to cut enormous costs. Allowing employees to set their own schedules increases morale and enthusiasm toward an employer.


In a sense, XaaS is just a broader version of what a reputable IT support team in Atlanta does already for clients. Contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about the various cloud services that can make your business more competitive.

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