Meet Mustard, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Mustard, Our Pet of the Month

Mustard, or August Mustard as he’s called when being naughty, belongs to Sharon Paul of Georgia Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia. Although he is rarely naughty, he has been known to use his super power of understanding what his humans are saying against them.

“My husband and I were eating dinner,” wrote Sharon, “and of course, like all dogs, he was at attention near the table hoping we would give him leftovers. Now, he's always very sweet and lays down and waits patiently. My husband looked over at his water bowl while we were eating and casually mentioned that Mustard was running low on water. I replied that we could refill him after dinner, because ‘it's not like he's going to go drink it all while we have food out.’ Mustard literally got up after I said that, went to the water bowl, and proceeded to drink it ALL! We could not quit laughing, it was like he understood what we were saying and was egging us on!”

Mustard is a Golden Retriever that the Paul’s rescued five years ago. He’s a very well-behaved 7-year-old who loves playing fetch, going on long walks and making his plush toys squeak while he’s running around the house.

And he’s quite the “talker.” Mustard likes to greet his humans with lively “conversation” and one of his toys whenever they come home. According to Sharon, he is one of the most loving dogs on the planet. “He’s very in tune with our emotions and knows just when to cuddle or give us kisses.”

For being named our Pet of the Month, Mustard won a goody basket with $40 worth of treats and toys from Pooch N Paws Pet Boutique.

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