Meet Joker, Our Pet of the Month

Joker is an 8-year-old Labradoodle belonging to Jenifer Ray of EverMark. The Ray family acquired him from a breeder in Arizona when he was just a 6-month-old pup. Due to his size, Joker doesn’t join his mom at work but he has participated in company events including walking in a 5K with other EverMark staffers. His favorite activity is chewing squeaky chew toys. He’s pretty good, according to Jenifer, about not chewing anything else except maybe a stray waffle left on the table.

This fluffy fella is what is known in hybrid breed circles as an F1B which makes him more allergy friendly. As explained by Jennifer:

The “F” means that puppies come from two purebred parents (Both parents would be from a different purebred background. In our case, it is a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.) “F1” therefore, is referring to the puppies from a Labrador and a Poodle.

Any “F1” puppy would be 50 percent of both parents and is called a “Labradoodle.” Another way it can be written and also be correct is R50P50.

The “B” stands for Backcross. If any “F1” puppy (Labradoodle) were to be bred back to one of the purebred breeds (Lab or Poodle) then it would be referred to as an “F1B” or “Labradoodle Backcross”. Our breeder bread a Labradoodle (F1) back to a Poodle making their puppies “F1B”. Joker is considered to be 25 percent Labrador and 75 percent Poodle (or R25P75).

Joker is one laid back dude and has been complimented many times for his demeanor. Except maybe that one time he managed to wriggle out of his collar while on a walk with his humans at the Ivy Creek Greenway. It seems some birds caught his attention so naturally he decided to run through the creek to try to catch him. When he finally returned, he was covered in mud. Because the Rays were living in an apartment at the time with no access to a garden hose, they had to take him to Jenifer’s husband’s irrigation company to bathe him before returning home.

For being named our Pet of the Month, Joker received a goody basket from Pooch N Paws. To learn how you can enter your furry friend in our pet of the month contest, CLICK HERE.

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