Meet Bam Bam, Our Pet of the Month

Bam Bam is not just a pretty face – he’s also a registered therapy dog who visits nursing homes comforting the elderly. But when not offering comfort and joy to senior citizens, he enjoys his day job as the company mascot at Transchem.

The 14-year-old Chihuahua belongs to Melissa Zadylak and accompanies her to work each day. He loves hanging out with the Transchem team, noshing on Chic-Fil-A grilled nuggets, taking car rides and lounging on very soft blankets. He’s a really good boy who hardly ever barks at the mailman!

Dressed for Success

Bam Bam is a “deer” Chihuahua. For those of you unaware that there were different varieties, deer head Chihuahuas differ from “apple head” Chihuahuas based on their appearance and physical characteristics. According to an article on deer heads have a long, deer-like head with a sloped junction of about 45 degrees where the muzzle joins the forehead. The apple, on the other hand, has a round, apple-like head with a 90-degree angle where the muzzle joins the forehead. Deer heads also tend to have longer legs making them a bit taller than their counterparts.

Because they are not recognized by the AKC as an official variety, deer head Chihuahuas are disqualified from participating in conformation dog shows. Not to worry – there are other areas where this variety can shine. When Bam Bam was just a young 3-year-old fella, he competed in Petco’s Fastest Chihuahua in America Challenge and won his first heat. Unfortunately, he did not win the second to advance to the semifinals. It’s all good though because he has won the hearts of all who know him.

For being chosen as our Pet of the Month, Bam Bam won a goody basket with more than $40 in toys and treats from Furly’s Pet Supply. To find out how to enter your pet in our contest CLICK HERE.

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