Why Having Managed IT Services in Atlanta Can Be Valuable to Your Business

Managed IT services firms in Atlanta facilitate increased operational potentiality for your business while simultaneously reducing associated IT cost. To understand why, just consider the cost of a single on-site IT person working full-time.

Their salary is unlikely to be less than $75k a year. It’s probably going to be closer to $100k+. Meanwhile, outsourced services can totally outsource your operational needs so you can cut that cost. But at the same time, they don’t need to.

If you’ve got dedicated internal personnel you’d like to keep, MSPs can provide operational streamlining, security, and support which allows those internal IT people to focus on facilitation of core operations, as well as innovation.

Primary Areas of Value

Many different things are accomplished through the auspices of an MSP’s services, but there are key support areas which have relevance to most businesses.

Management of Servers and Cloud Transition

Managed IT services firms in Atlanta can help maintain and troubleshoot on-site servers, putting out small tech “fires” and keeping things up-to-date so internal techs can focus on more important things.

Additionally, an MSP can help you transition totally to the cloud, cutting out the tens of thousands of dollars involved in server acquisition, storage, maintenance, backup, support, and installation.

Security Solutions Transcending Internal Capability

Technology is always in transition. As it progresses forward, old problems are fixed, but new vulnerabilities develop. Hand-in-glove with technological expansion is cybercriminal exploitation.

New vulnerabilities silhouette new tech breakthroughs. Internal techs won’t have time to keep themselves and your tech properly up-to-date against new cybercriminal threats. External MSPs must do this as a matter of course for their own security, and for competitive viability.

Help Desk Support That Is Available Around the Clock

On-site personnel has to sleep eventually, and they’re limited owing to locality. An MSP can handle multiple tickets simultaneously, provided you’ve purchased help-desk support. Also, IT people on-site may not be available around the clock–unless you’re willing to pay for 24/7 on-site tech; which will necessarily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. MSPs do better for cheaper.

Solutions that are Appropriate for Your Business

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. reduce expenses in terms of server management, increase your security profile with the latest protections on the market, and provide continuous support around the clock should even the worst-case scenario transpire. Contact us for more information on MSP options and how they can be used to serve your business.

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